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About Us

Triangle Endoscopy Center is the only endoscopy center in Durham County participating in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) global fee plan. As such, most BCBSNC patients will not incur deductible or coinsurance costs, resulting in considerable out-of-pocket savings compared with hospital based endoscopy. The only out of pocket expense for most BCBSNC patients is the typical office co-pay ($30- $70, depending on the plan). Please refer to the Insurance and Billing section for specific exceptions.

The center has four GI endoscopy procedure rooms with state-of-the art safety and diagnostic equipment, 14 solid wall preparation and recovery bays for added privacy, convenient parking, and a covered pick-up area for discharged patients. We are confident that patients will find Triangle Endoscopy Center to be a very pleasant, safe and convenient alternative to hospital-based endoscopy.